Kamal Haasan Clarifies His Comments on Bharatiyudu Sequels

Kamal Haasan Clarifies His Comments on Bharatiyudu Sequels
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Bharatiyadu Sequels

Kamal Haasan says that some people misinterpreted his comments that he liked the thirdpart better than Bharatiyudu-2. ‘The third part is good, but that does not mean that the second part is not good. We like to eat food with sambar and rasam. We will show more interest if there is payasam. Also Bharatiyudu-3 impressed me in many aspects. In my career, I have worked hard for the Indian sequel,’ he said.

Shankar’s Bharatiyudu has always been known for its powerful narrative on corruption and justice. The film’s protagonist, our favorite and the forever iconic Senapathy, embodies the spirit of a vigilante fighting against societal evils. The sequel, ‘Bharatiyudu 2,’ continues this legacy with a renewed focus on the same themes, encapsulated brilliantly in the song – Souraa. This song bridges the old and the new, paying homage to the original while introducing fresh elements through Anirudh’s terrific composition. Here are my thoughts on how the lyrics delivered the hard-hitting imagery and some of the most thoughtful metaphors. Yes, I’ve been in love with the song since its release.Stay tuned to Latest News, Movies, Videos & Photos in Tollywoodgossips.